Teri Angel Miller

39409597_10217765442551778_7278453524868890624_nWho am I?  Someone who realizes that I am a lightworker and chooses to spread love, happiness, joy and peace and I make this my life mission every day!  On this website you can find my books that have been published and order copies of them!  You can also schedule me to come speak to your group or inquire about my workshops.  Please take time out to comment and leave your contact information so you can get to know me a little better!

I am the founder of TIME Heals, an energy healing modality that was channeled to me through my spirit guides, the Healers.  It was foretold that it would go worldwide and that is happening.  For more information about this wonderful technique, send me a message or go to http://www.angelspeakers.com.  You can also visit my online store when you are ready to schedule your session at http://www.angelspeakers.com/shop

I am also very involved in world peace, serving as a Peace Ambassador for the State of Florida.  In addition, I am an angel conduit, channeling daily messages which you can access in the blog section.  Feel free to email me at teri@angelspeakers.com

I wish you much love and light! Namaste

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